Children supported by Cornerstone enjoy a varied diet which includes fish, meat, eggs, milk and vegetables

Helping children to flourish in foster care

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It’s chicken biryani!

No wonder Khushi looks happy. The eight-year-old’s placement with a foster family by Blythswood’s partners in Mumbai, India, has ensured that she received three cooked meals every day for the past six years.

The happy child is unrecognisable as the malnourished toddler who was already scavenging from bins at the age of two because her disabled grandmother was unable to provide for her.

“Her foster parents look after her very well,” says Asmita Vadavana who runs Cornerstone, a Christian ministry bringing the gospel to women and children in Mumbai’s red-light district. “She has overcome her health problems and is doing well in her third grade at school. She is very active and loves playing sports.”

Asmita attributes Khushi’s progress to timely help and support from Blythswood Care. Your gifts through Blythswood’s gift catalogue contribute to the welfare of five girls in foster care and a further 20 children at the Cornerstone day centre.