The well under construction
Inauguration day: the well serves 200 households

New well changes lives of village women

Two hundred families in a village in Andhra Pradesh have access to clean water on their doorstep thanks to a new bore-well sponsored by Blythswood Care and organised by India Bible Literature.  Women from Ayyaluru used to have to walk a mile to the nearest municipal supply and return with their brightly coloured water jars balanced on their heads.  But the water they carried home was only accessible for a short time each day, was of poor quality and was blamed for diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice and typhoid.

“These people are very happy to have easy access to clean ground water at any time of day,” says Paul Velayutham, executive director of India Bible Literature.  “It is close to their homes and saves them time and energy.  They are grateful for this bore-well.”