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Your support helps broadcast gospel messages and health advice in Kirundi, French, Swahili and English, reaching listeners throughout Africa’s Great Lakes Region.

Through the distribution of Christian Literature we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of different cultures, languages, social positions and religious backgrounds. We support different Christian organisations, local ministries, private distributors and church leaders by supplying them with Bible based Christian literature.

Sharing the love of Jesus


Jeannine's Story

‘If you die, where will you go?’

It’s a question as unsettling in the 21st century as it was in the days of Jesus. For Jeannine, a resident of Bujumbura, it was a question that changed her life.

She had planned to terminate her pregnancy before it became obvious. Already she had done this three times before. God knew it was her intention to do so again.

But as she listened to a gospel message broadcast on Radio Ivyizigiro she was arrested – not by police but by the realisation that she would answer to God.

Broadcaster Onésime Harubuntu states it bluntly. “She was afraid of hell,” he says. “She decided not to abort this child. Instead she repented and received Jesus Christ as her own Saviour and Lord.

“Now she has abandoned her former lifestyle of casual sex and is the mother of a healthy eight-month-old baby girl. Now she is committed to the Lord and thanks God for his love.”

Ivyizigiro is the Swahili word for hope. Based in Burundi and run by Blythswood’s partner organisation World Outreach Initiatives, the station broadcasts gospel messages and health advice in Kirundi, French, Swahili and English, reaching listeners throughout Africa’s Great Lakes Region.

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Jovica's Story

Jovica Gecan is supported by Blythswood Care to minister to a small congregation in his native northern Serbia and to share the gospel with the wider community in what is one of the least evangelised corners of Europe. Blythswood News asked him what had happened in 2020.

This year has imposed itself on us as a year of preparation for future times. We started to adapt our new premises which we use as a gospel café.

Gatherings were not allowed throughout the summer, not even in churches. So our small business has proven to be a great missionary tool.

Our fellow citizens are aware that we are Protestants, that we are missionaries and humanitarians, and they come to talk to us about the Lord.

One man who came in to buy lunch told us that his boy is in custody due to a fatal car accident. I offered him a booklet of daily readings to take to his son. He seemed a little sceptical but out of courtesy he accepted it. Just a few days later he called again to thank me. His son was delighted and asked me to come and visit. This is something I have still to do. Please pray.

Eric Saidi

Burundi Congo Story

Delphine Ndayikeza leads the work of World Outreach Initiatives, Blythswood’s partner organisation in Burundi, Africa. Here she gives examples of two very different young men transformed through listening to WOI’s Christian radio station which is supported by Blythswood Care.

“Eric comes from Gitega province, a rural area in central Burundi. For years he wasted his life in getting drunk and in promiscuous sexual affairs that brought him no lasting satisfaction. One day he listened to preaching on Radio Ivyizigiro. It was a message about repentance and it really touched him.

“Convinced that his own behaviour was wrong, he phoned us and said that he wanted to give his life to the Lord. We counselled him and prayed for him and today he is a transformed man. He thanks the Lord for the radio station which He used to save him. Glory be to God.

“Saidi comes from Bujumbura, Burundi’s capital city. He was born and brought up in a Muslim family and had a life-long thirst that remained unfulfilled to meet with the true God. Just this summer he set his receiver on Radio Ivyizigiro and began listening to different programmes. One day after listening to a gospel message he phoned us for help. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord and today he is following a course of basic Bible training at a church in the city.”

Ivyizigiro means hope. The Christian radio station broadcasts gospel messages and health advice in Kirundi, French, Swahili and English, transforming the lives of listeners throughout Africa’s Great Lakes Region.


Jackson's Story

When Jackson Nkeshimana was a law student in Bujumbura, he used to carry a radio with him wherever he went. The reason? He loved listening to the Radio Ivyizigiro, a Christian radio station supported by Blythswood Care.

“I liked it so much that I applied to volunteer as a presenter and journalist,” he says. “After two years they offered me a full time contract.”

The offer from the radio station came at the same time as a job offer from the government in Burundi, who were taking on newly qualified law graduates.

Despite a much lower salary, Jackson saw this opportunity in Christian radio as an answer to his prayers and took it gladly. “My dream was to evangelise as many people as possible,” he says. At Radio Ivyizigiro he has been able to preach from the Bible in his native Kiswahili language, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners throughout Burundi and neighbouring countries in Africa’s Great Lakes region.

Jackson has now worked as a full time presenter for 13 years, and also pastors a congregation of 300 people in Bujumbura. His radio messages for young people have led to him being invited to speak at youth conferences.

Lewis Niyokwizera was a listener to Jackson’s programmes and says they changed his life. The young film producer was tempted to adopt a sexually promiscuous lifestyle, although he knew this was not right for a Christian. “One day Jackson’s broadcast was on how to choose the one to marry,” he says. “His message put me on the right road and now I am about to get married.” You support for our work can truly change lives.


Raza's Story

This is 11 year old Raza. She lives in a village in Punjab province, Pakistan.

“One day at Sunday School I was given a beautiful book called ‘Jeremiah: A Man With A Message’.

"I was so happy to read it in Urdu, the language we use at school.

"It tells of the Old Testament prophet where God said to him: “Believe in me and I will always be with you.”

"I shared the message with my family and it has changed the way we live.

"We were Christians before but now we want to spend time with God every day.

Your kind gifts provide Bible-based books and literature for children - teaching and blessing families from Pakistan’s Christian minority.


Sumaira's Story

Sumaira knows the value of education as only someone who missed out can.

Coming from a poor family she was not allowed to proceed beyond grade five in the primary school. Her family needed her to work at home.

Even attendance at church was a rare treat. But when she did get there, maybe once a month, she really enjoyed it.

“I felt calm and joyous,” she says. “It was indescribable. Whenever I was able to attend youth programmes at church, I thought how lucky these children were, to be getting a Christian education from childhood.

"As a child I had never been given the opportunity to attend Sunday School.

"But one day at church I met a Sunday School teacher who told me about Pakistan Sunday School Ministry and their training programme for children’s workers.

"God answered my prayers and I was able to complete two days of training in Gujranwala. Now, by God’s grace, I am able to run a Sunday School in a village nearby.

"As many as 85 children from several villages gather in the church and I teach them Bible stories, helped by the materials provided by PSSM. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to fulfil my calling.”

Your support for our work has helped transform many lives.


Shoe Box Appeal

Can you help us by filling a shoebox, sorting and checking shoeboxes or by donating to the appeal in 2022?

Shoe Box Appeal

Can you help us by filling a shoebox, sorting and checking shoeboxes or by donating to the appeal in 2022?

Shoe Box Appeal

Can you help us by filling a shoebox, sorting and checking shoeboxes or by donating to the appeal in 2022?

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Over 70,000 people in Highland have been fed through our foodbanks. Everyday people are struggling to put food on the table.

Blythswood Care provides food, care and support to people in crisis.


Shoe Box Appeal

Receiving the gift of a small box packed with presents brings such joy; we thank you for the 88,816 shoeboxes you so generously donated in 2022.

With many of the recipients living in dire poverty, this gift, not only brings a smile, but hugely impacts on their lives.


Talita Kum

When schools close at midday, many young children have to fend for themselves. We provide a six-hour programme for children from some of the poorest households in Romania.

The children receive clothing and a weekly shower as well as nourishing meals.



Your gifts provide the Seafarers’ Centre in Invergordon with Bibles, New Testaments and booklets in 15 languages, to help grow their faith.

Men and women, many miles from home, find friendship, comfort and Christian fellowship here in the Highlands.