Young people like Petra enjoyed new experiences at summer camp

Christian summer camp for the social media generation

Who are you following?

Young people in Serbia are as enthralled by social media as their counterparts elsewhere.   So it was an obvious theme for the Christian summer camps for young people, run by Blythswood Serbia.

“They all want to follow and be followed on social networks,” says David Armus who organised the camps.  “At camp we had a full programme of sports, recreation and time to socialise but the lectures on our camp theme were central.  They brought the teenagers closer to true values, to Christian values.  They got to know many Bible characters, but above all, who God is, and why we should follow Jesus Christ.

“The young people enjoyed new experiences, gained new knowledge and made new friends.”

Twelve-year-old Petra enjoyed the camp’s beautiful rural location – the hills, the river and the landscapes – and had her spiritual horizons broadened, too.  She says:  “The camp helped me to get to know Jesus.  We could talk openly about him.”