Goldren is achieving top marks at school

Goldren prizes the opportunities you give

Nine-year-old Goldren is top of his class. It’s testimony to the dedication and hard work of a child who can’t expect help with homework.

Goldren’s father is a fisherman on the waters around Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya. He makes barely enough to feed his wife and three children.

At Sargy School, which is supported by Blythswood Romania, Goldren receives both breakfast and lunch to give him energy for the long school day.

Sargy School provides primary education and vital nutritional support to so children from families whose standard of living is barely above subsistence level. Strive For Excellence is the school’s motto and some former pupils have progressed to university. All pupils are helped to achieve the level of literacy and numeracy which is essential to participate in the wider economy of 21st century Kenya.