Elisabeta’s grandchildren know that they can rely on her

Helping grandma to feed the children

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Her grandchildren know that they can rely on Elisabeta.

Mum suffers from schizophrenia and dad is an alcoholic but grandma is always there, to cook meals for them, to care for them and to make sure that the older two go to school.

Their village home in northwest Romania is an unfinished house without adequate floors or ceilings and their parents’ inability to work means that money is always tight.

In this situation, a monthly food package from Blythswood’s Basis project is especially important, ensuring that however chaotic family life may be, Elisabeta always has the basics – corn flour, wheat flour, rice, beans, pasta, oil, sugar and various tinned foods. It also includes washing powder.

Your support through Blythswood’s gift catalogue means that Elisabeta’s grandchildren don’t go hungry. Blythswood’s Basis project assists around 30 low-income households in the vicinity of Cluj, Romania’s second city.